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Resource Types: Research Report

Low socioeconomic racial and ethnic minorities and rural residents have a significantly high risk of overweight and obesity. This guide to reducing childhood obesity in low-income African American, ...

Building on the IOM's 2005 report, “Preventing Childhood Obesity: Health in the Balance,” this report examines the progress made over the past two years by obesity prevention initiatives in ...

This report addresses specific strategies for schools help students adopt and maintain healthy eating and physical activity behaviors.

This study supports the effectiveness of Safe Routes to School (SR2S) construction projects in increasing walking or bicycling to school for children who would pass these projects on their way to s ...

This report articulates the need for collaboration between public health, environmental and urban planning resources when designing communities.

This Brookings report shows how U.S. schools can reduce obesity by providing more nutritious food, greater opportunities for physical activity and obesity-related health services.

A vision and policy proposal for increasing the viability of bicycles as a form of transportation.

This study concludes that lower socio-economic status and high-minority block groups had reduced access to recreational facilities, which decreased physical activity and increased obesity.

This report explores personal, societal and environmental reasons for a lack of physical activity among large numbers of African-American women.

According to this report, a key ingredient of urban sustainability is reducing dependence on the automobile and improving street connectivity.

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