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Forbes rates America's most sedentary cities >>

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Latest News
  • New Yorkers living near shops, subways have lower BMI
    Feb 22 2007

    Shining a spotlight on New York City, a new study published in the March/April issue of the American Journal of Health Promotion reports that city dwellers living in densely populated, pedestrian-f...

  • Apply by March 8th: Smart Growth Implementation Assistance
    Feb 22 2007

    EPA is soliciting applications from communities seeking to incorporate smart growth techniques in their future development. State, local, regional, or tribal governments that apply before the March...

  • Rails-to-trails project considered along Georgia coast
    Jan 12 2007

    Small towns along the Georgia coast expect an economic boost if an abandoned railroad system is approved for a bicycle and pedestrian trail. The rails-to-trails system would connect several coastal...

  • Vermont ramps up bike-ped projects
    Jan 12 2007

    Citing lack of infrastructure and safety as the biggest obstacles to non-motorized transportation, the Vermont Agency of Transportation will encourage local governments and planners to incorporate ...

  • Using New Urbanism to recreate old town feel
    Jan 12 2007

    Communities throughout the Lake Tahoe region plan to revive small-town charm and old world development patterns by employing New Urbanism principles that create walkable, compact, mixed-use neighbo...

  • UK planners urged to design for health
    Jan 12 2007

    The Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE) encourages Britain's city planners and architects to build communities with health and exercise in mind. CABE believes designing fit...

  • New study connects neighborhoods and physical activity levels
    Jan 12 2007

    A study published in the January/February issue of American Journal of Health Promotion emphasizes the connection between physical activity and the built environment, and demonstrates the importanc...

  • New organization aims to tackle obesity by increasing collaboration
    Dec 16 2006

    A new organization housed at Penn State University aims to build national capacity for collaboration across sectors in support of active living and healthy eating strategies. The Institute for Coll...

  • Sidewalks key in national effort to make suburbs more walkable
    Dec 15 2006

    According to a city official and a landscape architect in Ala., sidewalks are making a come back nationwide. With citizens demanding safer opportunities to walk, suburbs such as Mountain Brook, Ala...

  • Study validates where kids live affects their weight
    Dec 15 2006

    A landmark study by Reid Ewing, an associate professor at the University of Maryland's National Center for Smart Growth, finds that youth living in sprawling counties are more likely to be obese th...