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Forbes rates America's most sedentary cities >>

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Healthy Eating/Active Living collaboration in New Hampshire >>

Latest News
  • Playground improvements planned for NYC children
    Aug 14 2007

    New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has earmarked $111 million to help expand and improve playgrounds at 290 schools most in need of open space. It is part of the $1.2 billion PlaNYC, a project t...

  • RWJF funds $20 million expansion of Healthy Schools Program
    Aug 14 2007

    The Alliance for a Healthier Generation and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) announced a $20 million expansion of the Healthy Schools Program. The expansion grant, funded by RWJF, will foc...

  • Active arcade blends video games and physical activity
    Aug 14 2007

    Children are getting a workout at a video arcade in Spring Valley, New York, where body-activated controls like boxing gloves blend the physical and virtual. The 1,200-square-foot arcade, Exergame ...

  • Oregon to increase physical education requirements
    Aug 14 2007

    New and increased physical education requirements in Oregon will require at least half of P.E. time be exercise. Oregon's governor designated $860,000 to train and hire staff needed to implement th...

  • New gyms cater to teenagers
    Aug 2 2007

    Gyms designed for teenagers, with amenities like juice bars and Internet access, are taking their place alongside the usual teen hangouts. These new spaces offer teens a place to hang out with frie...

  • New website calculates neighborhood walkability
    Jul 31 2007

    A new website,, calculates neighborhood walkability using Google maps and listings. Aware of the link between he...

  • Ten states receive funds to combat childhood obesity
    Jul 17 2007

    The National Governors Association awarded $100,000 to each of 10 states to combat childhood obesity through social change and development of public policies and private efforts. Funding for the gr...

  • Cycle tracks could help Americans address obesity
    Jul 17 2007

    Cycle tracks—bike lanes that are separated from vehicular traffic—help encourage safe biking, reduce carbon emissions and ease traffic congestion. One columnist looks abroad for a blu...

  • New study on walking to school released
    Jul 17 2007

    A study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine reports that while one in three American students live within a mile of school, walking and bicycling remain uncommon. This is especially true...

  • Physical activity, diet factored into medical checkups for kids
    Jul 17 2007

    In an effort to address childhood obesity, the American Medical Association released 22 recommendations to guide doctors when assessing children's wellness. According to the report, all kids should...