Note: As of January 1, 2008, the Active Living Network is no longer operational. To stay connected to the active living movement, visit RWJF's related national programs:
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It’s become an inescapable topic of discussion, echoed in the news almost every day: escalating rates of obesity are a national health concern. Consider some Quick Facts.

Splashy headlines on the obesity issue are often limited to diet tips, weight-loss plans and scoldings for people to exercise more. There's much more to the story.

How we can help reporters

The Active Living Network can connect reporters to experts in the field that will bring depth and authority to articles on this topic. We can also provide timely story ideas, statistics and background information.

The link between the built environment and America’s sedentary lifestyle is an emerging hot topic, with a wealth of untapped story ideas. The Network’s more than 60 partner organizations are involved in implementing Safe Routes to School programs, lobbying for changes to the Federal Transportation Bill, revitalizing communities with bike trails, pedestrian paths and open space—and much more.

Questions we can answer:

  • How is active living a trend in American development?
  • Where is active living happening and who is leading the charge?
  • What’s the hot federal legislation and how does it affect child obesity?
  • What roles do income and race play in this issue?
  • What are communities around the country doing to get kids out of the car seat and onto their feet?
  • How does access to healthy foods play a role in active living environments?
  • How does sprawl impact public health?

For additional story angles and issues contact or call 206-792-0433.